Spiritual Battles (The Truth)

Please pardon the brashness of this post.  I had to get this out to all of you so you can understand what exactly is going on and how to avoid the deception that is underfoot, yet again.  

I’ll preface this posting by stating that Satan wants you to think that consumption, submission and greed are Godly, when it really isnt.  That said,  God is a SOVEREIGN God and while He will always provide for you, and the truth is always there, we are living in a fallen world.  We dishonor God’s spirit when we get so caught up in the destructive path of greed, needing “things”, pushing away people and creating wars and division.  It is not Godly to be at war with yourself or your neighbor.  This coming from an imperfect human being sharing the truth of what I witnessed with my walk with God.

The following is an interaction that took place on Facebook.  It gives the gist of what I’m trying to say, even in all my tweets and blog posts.  I hope that you can glean from this message and turn back to God and His love.  Seek Him first in all things, and He will reveal what you are looking for.  The Holy spirit will kindly nudge you along the right path and guide you to make decisions that honor Him and your spirit.  Ultimately, both will lead you to divine love and love for all people.  (And in my case, anger towards the craziness and evil that has taken such a stronghold over our world.)  But, faith without works is not true faith in God… which is why we must choose to act with complete love and from the Holy Spirit. And if we ALL choose to turn around and love one another and make positive, Godly changes that honor all, then we will win this game.  That change must start within.

All of that said, here is the Facebook posting:

Please be informed.  This is why, we must act with love and kindness always!


MINI SERMON – As there will be an Anti-Christ…then there will certainly be Anti-Christians. We are seeing it more clearly manifest itself today. There are those among you who are on assignment to kill your joy…steal your soul…and destroy your worship. There is no love in them…no worship in them…no Christ in them. They have a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof by their hidden agenda. 

They twist the Word of Truth with ignorant interpretation…appearing wise…but are foolishly evil. They are not followers of the true and living God. They are not Believers in the Body of Christ. They love no one…and they walk in their fleshly puffed up self-proclaimed phony knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. Most Pastors are ill-equipped to address these Anti-Christians because they themselves are caught up in their own fleshly web of deception. 

YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter has given them a limited and wayward audience…because no one who has faithfully and truly come to the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ will listen to them nor have them speaking into their ears. From such Anti-Christians turn away…lest they lead you astray…destroy your family…rob you of your faith…and your end will be the same as theirs.


My response:

Be careful about how you choose to believe and interpret this.  While I understand it’s written in the bible, I’m also experiencing this from a different angle.  The powers that be want you to be deceived so they can control you, force your submission (even to the NWO) and continue to corrupt and control this earth for generations to come, until it is destroyed.  They don’t want you to be united with your fellow Christian, brother, neighbor. I’m finding that this passage was written with the intent to divide those that ARE of God, but are being attacked and made to be perceived as evil… from those that are confused and still have not seen the true glory of God, let alone experience it. Listen and focus on what God and Jesus said: to love one another.  Be discerning, yes, but when you are full of the holy spirit, nothing can steal your joy, or anything else, unless you allow it.  I have been fighting this attack for 2 years now and they are doing everything they can to discredit me and make me seem like an awful person, but that isn’t the truth.  The truth is: there is a huge delusion underfoot and a lot of people are still spiritually blinded or even cursed to the point that they can’t see the truth… so they are blindly following the masses or requests for division.  This will only hurt us, individually and collectively.  We must choose to love people even when they are really hurting and doing things they shouldnt.  Otherwise, if the house is divided, the house falls.  So please… I’m aware that this has become a popular scripture lately, but be INFORMED before you act.  Always ask: “What would Jesus do?”  He loved His enemies anyway.  He had compassion for them because He could see just how cursed, spiritually blinded they were.  Unfortunately, I’ve had the opportunity to see this for myself.  Even those that are in power are spiritually blind and being controlled. 

 The TRUTH is that we are all loving beings and we ARE love.  We must choose to come back to God and honor that in ourselves.  We must love one another- that is our answer to the world’s problems!
Please don’t give in to the confusion.  And if you still feel like you don’t know which way to go, always pause first, pray to God for wisdom and guidance and know that He and the Holy Spirit will NEVER ask you to do anything destructive.  This I know for certain.  The Holy Spirit is VERY sensitive and must be treated with the utmost respect and love.  It is the spirit that makes you feel like a true, peaceful billionaire- because you are truly at peace with yourself and all things.  It lives within you and it’s where your greatest happiness comes from!  Just remember this.  

I wish you all many blessings and lots of love and protection at this time.  And I thank you for reading and listening, and turning back to God.  You are loved!! ❤



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Spiritual Battles (Realizations)

Today we discussed a scripture I want to share with you:

After we discussed this I realized several things.  That they tried to sear my consciousness, have tried to make me out to be a hypocrite  (and everyone I know has noticed something is wrong and off about me, they know it’s not like me- it isn’t me period!), have tried to pull apart my soul/spirit and have tried to force me to act in negative manners or be perceived negatively.  They even tried to force my hand into marriage with a programmer (possibly a warlock, whose best friend is a witch or a pharisee- I have yet to completely verify that, but I know their spirits are dark).  In the time that I dated the programmer, I couldn’t figure out why things were seemingly going downhill with him or why I started to feel more insecure than I ever have.  Let alone why I could feel binds being spoken over me, or that several times I felt he seemed to be in cahoots with the entities or coven by using NLP, guided imagery and psychic/verbal attacks.  He continues to astral project to me, spiritually rape me and pull parts of my spirit to him to him to be implanted or programmed.  One evening while I was driving his car I could feel him helping these entities place an implant/spell/bind over my senses (across the top of my head).  That was the final the red flag that made me realize this was not a normal relationship as I initially thought it was.  I thought God was bringing me to a Godly man… one whom I had a lot of respect for, until I realized who he really was and why he was brought into my life- just to serve as another destraction, to try to program me for destruction and to abuse the word of God so that he (and they) could continue perpetuating oppression, destruction and sacrificing innocent individuals to something very evil.  Those going through this tribulation with the mind control implants are being subjected to that- they intend for us to be tortured and possibly killed to give our energy to the evil beast/Satan that is trying to use us.  Again the whole point is to split and recycle souls and spirits so that we are dumbed down to the point of total submission to these entities, and they can continue feeding off our energy.  

We are here and awake at this time to stop this cycle, once and for all.  We must make the decision to love one another and help each other.

They will try to use spells to bind your spirit, your chakras, your mind and your pineal gland.  They use NLP and distorted imagery to confuse and torture you and keep you from the truth: God’s word and the light, Jesus and the Holy spirit.  They will use whatever technique- like astral projection and soul/spirit stealing to keep you from being completely grounded and continuing to act in fear or anger.  They will try to create spiritual blindness to keep you asleep and away from the truth, to deceive those around you and even yourself.  They use these metaphysical implants to distort telepathy and even create lies in consciousness (by talking through you to deceive others and maintain the negative energy that is used to control and oppress people).  They use negative thought processes  (I saw it as a black Circle over my head), the words you speak, your interactions and the tiniest things as doorways to enter in.  And they will play head games to get you to consciously and subconsciously believe a lie.  The more negative the better.  On top of that, they will try to change your mental programming.  You have the power, through Christ, to rebuke all of it.  This is why many now say it’s so important to keep your thoughts, words and actions so clean and uplifting.  These entities can’t enter into a place that is full of love and holy light, especially a space that is fully committed to Jesus and God. And when your mind is focused on all things good, Satan can’t play with it.  

It’s a very complicated and convoluted mess.  And that’s the whole point: to create confusion, deception, force the sin nature and force submission by fear or hatred.

That’s why those that have come before us have said not to fear or give into hatred.  It’s also important not to demonize those that are trying to spread the good news and love to everyone.  These people bring balance to the world and keep us from spinning into complete chaos.  This is also why it’s so important to love one another.

Yes, our world is out of balance right now.  That’s why there are many people working so hard to spread the love.  We all need to help each other and make a conscientious effort to plant seeds of love into our world and consciousness.  

The more we deliberately hurt each other, even spiritually, then we will continue to allow this cycle of destruction thats been going on for thousands of years.  Our world can’t take it anymore.  We have GOT to make sure that everything we do going forward is of divine love, towards everything.  They can’t maintain any kind of control when everyone rejects their attempts to control and when we keep focused on love and on God.

Please be discerning.  Don’t allow yourselves to be deceived, even by the people you care about.  Don’t give in to the fear or anger.  Remember who you are and continue to act and speak in love towards everyone.  Yes, it’s been extra difficult for me to do, so please forgive me.  My intentions are pure: I do want the best for everyone and I’m doing all I can to help.  Things will get better, God promised this!!

I love you all and wish you many blessings,



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Spiritual Awareness (Soundbites)

A quick realization that came to mind today whilst in the midst of trying to understand this spiritual battle I’m dealing with.  It was spurred on by a nugget of discernment that I felt inclined to question.  Please forgive me and the brash posting, I really just needed to get this out to you all.

They try to corrupt the right eye so they can use it to see out of your pineal gland, which they put a spell on (and an implant in).  The implants control you to respond to the program they set for you so that you respond “correctly” to the program (your immediate surroundings).  They use those that are closest to God to do this…. because they want God’s power and to be able to control every interaction.  They attempt to plant seeds of destruction and corruption, using thought processes and projection.  Truth is… they are not and will never be that powerful.  They can never kill love or the holy spirit, because it comes from God… and He was the one that created this earth and created us.  Those with the “best qualities” are tortured to be used to usher in a new world where they can continue to corrupt humanity, because all they want to do is control and kill humanity, and feed off the energy.  These implants are used to harvest that energy so they can grow stronger.  We can starve this beast by not giving any of our energy or thoughts to ANY negativity.  Dont respond to anger and dont respond IN anger- act with love and kindness.  They will do anything they can to deceive so they can get their way.  As long as we all rebuke and reject every attempt by Satan, and continue to focus on raising our vibrations to God’s perfect love, we will remain free and be freed permanently.  Keep loving, keep choosing life.  Choose Jesus- He conquered all of this.  Follow Him, follow the light and we will all be ok. 😊 Stay focused!! We are going to make it!
To those of you going through this, please be mindful of ALL your thoughts and interactions.  Keep your thoughts and actions at the highest level of love.  Keep spreading love and thinking kind thoughts towards everyone and everything, including yourself.   Be discerning, be kind and remember your power that is God given.

This life is a GIFT.  Live it like it’s the best thing since sliced bread. 😊

I love you all and I wish you many blessings, always,



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Spiritual Battles, How to Heal (Part 3)

Since my last post, I’ve noticed more spiritual activity and had more revelations that I feel the need to share.  I share these things because I think it’s important to understand what’s going on behind the scenes so we can make necessary changes to heal ourselves and our world.  Though, even though I’ve been given these gifts and blessings by God, I cannot take full credit for their purpose.  I’ve begun to realize that as much as I want things to go smoothly, God is always in control- and his timing and purpose are always perfect, even if we don’t understand it.  Though, He did give us sovereignity and the power to control ourselves, and this is something we should honor not just in ourselves, but in all beings.  At the same token, we have to honor Him and the Holy Spirit when it is trying to birth something wonderful in our lives (or in our world).  And not just honor that, but protect it.

I’ve come to a point where I have the capability to see and interact with other people’s demons and even their thoughts/energy.  I realize now that I always had that capability, but now I can actually SEE it in spirit.  I can see the faces of people that think of me or come into focus: their natural states, their spiritual states and even their “reptilian” states.  Beyond feeling it, I can see when you have a negative thought- or when you are projecting negativity (or positivity) onto me or another person.  I can see right through you when you lie…. sometimes I can hear your thoughts.

I can see the “land” spirits that were put in place in different areas (i.e., near a house or building, etc.).  I’ve even gotten to the point where I can see what appear to be the “lei” lines (spiritual grid) that are tethered to our planet.  I can see when the greys or dark forces are active… and even when they are trying to tether people together in an attempt to control their lives.  I’ve felt them trying to tether me to others in an attempt to control me and oppress me.  Or even the spiritual “sin” nature that they keep trying to infiltrate everyone with (including myself).  And I’m still trying to make sense of all of this.

We are sovereign beings by nature- that’s how God created us.  We are loving and pure by nature.  They want you to believe that you still need to be in bondage to the sin nature: truth is, you don’t.  Jesus paved the way and opened the gates of Heaven to give us a path to follow back to Him.  All we have to do is honor that by doing as He asked.  And His main request was that we love one another.

Beyond that, when you actually “see” in spirit how much negativity you are producing, it makes a huge difference.  Even though I’ve been under attack for nearly 2 years, I still make it a point to be as kind as possible.  It’s easier to tell the negativity to go away when it’s outside of you.  But when you let it in or allow it to reside within you, it’s harder to tell these entities and the negativity  to take a hike.  I know that I am still alive by the grace of God, truly.

I’ve seen them try to do ridiculous things, just to mess with mine or other people’s lives.  Like messing with fire alarms at a local church just for the shock and awe value (I kid you not).  I’ve watched them attempt to put implants in people while I was talking to them… and they dont care who they hurt.  I’ve heard them telepathically try to instill a lie between people (via thought and feeling), just to cause discord where there was no reason for any whatsoever.  I’ve watched them try to control other people I didn’t know… and all the while I’ve been doing my best to intercede by prayer.  I know one thing: I’ve managed to severely piss them off, which cracks me up, daily. 😆

Their objective is to steal, kill and destroy, and they do that by creating fear and deceit, first and foremost on a spiritual level, then physical.  Again, there are both people and evil spirits behind this.  But, if we recognize who we really are in God and use discernment and honor the fact that we really have nothing to fear, and God is more powerful, then we come back to the truth: God’s love.  And the fact that Christ is more powerful than all the darkness in the world.

And, I can testify that Jesus is real!  I’ve seen in spirit the love and freedom that people have when they proclaim His power and accept Him fully into their lives.  I’ve seen demons fly across the room when the Holy Spirit was present or just by the mention of Jesus’ name.  

So, what is another way we can heal our world?  Hold positive intentions about ourselves, our space, our people and the entire world.  Acknowledge your negative thoughts and challenge them: how can you turn them into a positive thought or thought process? When we exhibit divine love towards all things and proclaim Jesus name, wonderful things happen.  When we all choose to do this together on a regular basis, we will know His true peace. 

Someone I love immensely once said, “When we love each other intentionally, we are engaging in spiritual warfare”.  So what is our weapon?  To intentionally love one another through the Holy Spirit.  So please keep loving one another and honoring God first by honoring one another.
I love you all and I wish you all blessings and healing from the Most High God. And I thank you for being a part of this journey.



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Spiritual Battles- How to Heal, (Part 2)

​More revelations upon waking that I wanted to share with all of you.
The chemtrails allow these entities in by using toxins, by biological warfare.  These chemicals enter our food, water and bodies.  These chemicals/toxins are already prevalent in processed foods.  They can’t enter a “perfect” body/atmosphere free of toxins, so they force corruption. This is why fasting and cleansing of the body (or just eating healthy organic foods) removes their ability to access you.  Even cleansing our world and properties energetically keeps them away. However, being balanced (eating balanced meals) also keeps your energy high enough to keep them away.  Loving energy that is purified keeps them away.

They use HAARP or energy/frequency manipulation technologies to manipulate the weather and energies to force you indoors, force disasters or to feel “bad”.  If they can make you feel bad enough, they will try to enter your aura and spiritual body to create negative effects on your mind and body.  They use parasitic technologies to drain you of your energy and life force. They gain false consent or create false contracts and legal grounds to do so.  They will then try to corrupt us even by false means, to put us in bondage to them to act as slaves to their system.  Giving up your personal power and believing a lie will put you in this predicament.  And it can happen in the most subtle ways. This is why it’s so important to be aware at all times- the Bible states this. 

When you notice it happening, you can mentally say “No” and purposefully choose a kind and loving response.  Be aware of your thoughts, actions and energy.  Remembering that you are strong, powerful and a child of the Most High God will keep them and negativity away.  Having faith means there is total confidence in your belief- that there is no doubt who and what you are.  When you have complete faith in the gifts and powers God gave you, you are empowered to conquer any obstacle including demonic attacks. 

When we choose to walk away from the lifestyles they create to force us into submission, we win.  When we come back to living a natural life that honors our world, our people and God, we win.  When we choose to stop the participation in their game, we win.  We can do this by calling for the chemtrails and biological weapon creations to be stopped, and stopping them.  We can also do this by stopping war and financial greed- if it means removing those from power that are participating in these crimes, so be it.  We can do this by creating systems that honor God and doing away with institutions that require your submission (i.e., tying your life to financial obligations, etc.).  Instead, we can choose to create a world that honors sovereignity, abundance and true peace.  We really don’t need much.  When we think we need more than what we are already given, we run the risk of falling into the trap of greed and Satan’s wrath. 

Simply refusing to behave and act the way they want us to, is enough.  Simply choosing to live in a loving manner is enough.  Choosing to love and take care of one another when they expect division, is enough.  Choosing to see past the illusion of separation and behaving in ways that reflect our oneness is enough.  Choosing to clean up the spiritual, mental and physical realms will force them out and free us from bondage.  If everyone actively chooses to do this and work together, we win.

When we maintain complete faith in our God, our Heavenly Father, and His promises, miracles occur.  This is the truth.

I wish all of you so many blessings, peace and protection.  I love you.


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Spiritual Battles- How to Heal

I just wanted to share with all of you a few simple revelations and tips that we can ALL use to heal our world and get it back on track.  These are insights I’ve had while continuing to endure through this “demonic oppression”, for lack of a better phrase.  They have proven useful and true and I believe every person should have the tools and know how to handle such an issue.  In all honesty, I think all of our children should be taught to know how to have spiritual knowledge and discernment to avoid such issues in the future.  The more you know, the better off you will be!

1.  Believe in Jesus Christ and proclaim it regularly.  Read the Bible. The visual image of an entity/demon cowering when I was yelling out “I believe in Jesus Christ” to force them off me, still comes to mind regularly.  Its an experience I wish I had captured with a camera so I could show all of you!! It’s one thing to believe He exists, and another to witness His power, especially in spirit.  Even now, when I proclaim Jesus’ existence, I can feel the demonic weight leave me in a hurry.  I feel SO much better when they are gone.  I can’t help but laugh because it’s then that I know God’s word is true and that we will all truly be OK once we turn back to Him.  

2.  These entities/demons and the people behind the psyop/psychic/metaphysical weapons and black magic ritual abuse, are the cause of the world’s problems.  Yes, you read that right.  I’ve talked about it before, but I’ve managed to prove it while dealing with this junk. Masses of people dealing with addictions, illnesses of all kinds, conflicts, death, destruction… you name it, it’s been because of them.  You are programmed or forced into a fixed belief system to play out a game of survival.  And God says it’s not necessary- we can know true abundance and peace when we overcome those false beliefs- which is true!  Even now I battle against beliefs, thoughts and feelings that were dealt with and overcome ages ago.  They no longer apply to my life or mindset, but they are being forced onto me all over again to “keep me down”.  I have to constantly remind myself that this thought or feeling that’s being projected doesn’t apply to this situation.  I never had to do this before, but it’s very intense and takes some effort. (I’ve been doing this now 24/7 for nearly 2 years.) They will even use you to project thoughts that aren’t your own to the masses or even to people you know, using telepathy.  This is how they put people under a spell and what some have referred to as a “hive” mindset.  The solution??  We need to remove those in power that are using these technologies and abusing these methods.  They no longer need to be in power.  These are crimes they are committing.

3.  Increase the love.  Operate from your heart and your higher selves, which are truly loving and beautiful beings.  Uplift and support one another, in all ways.  Be kind and gentle with yourselves and our world.  Choose jobs and activities that align with who you are, that not only make you happy but honor yourself, our world and God.  For example, we need to work on senior housing and housing for all people in general!  It is something close to my heart, but if you are passionate about such a thing, consider starting a project in your area to use foreclosed/abandoned homes or buildings to help house those in need. Being loving means intentionally caring about everything around you, including yourself.  It’s means caring about the state of our community and our world. When we intentionally love one another and our world by actively participating, we heal and we drive out the junk and these entities.  We can do this!

4.  Set respectable boundaries.  Protect yourself by getting educated about your spirit bodies: your soul vs. spirit, your energy body, your lower self, your higher self, etc.  When you understand the purpose behind each of these and how they help you to be “you”, you have a better chance of protecting each one and using them to operate as a fully functional, happy and loving being on this planet.  You can command and will things to happen with your body: i.e., healing from an illness, or protecting yourself from spiritual attacks.  

5.  Black magic is a huge problem.  I’m sorry to say it, but it’s true.  Using it causes so many problems, like corrupting your spirit and creating holes in your auras.  Honestly!  This is why the Bible says to turn away from it- because it is destructive to you and to future generations.  I’m sure you’ve heard people talk about generational curses and dealing with “ancestral demons”.  This happens when people are careless and don’t heal their “junk” and pass down hurt and pain to their children.  It happens when people use black magic.  Even though the Holy Spirit and Jesus is powerful enough to clean up the demonic “debris”, we shouldn’t be leaving it behind for others to deal with- its unethical and a crime because it causes suffering.  So stop using black magic.  Thinking, behaving and speaking negatively can also have a negative effect on our world and bring in things we don’t want.

6.  Speak life.  When you speak life and love into your existence and the world in general, things start happening! 😊  It is a wonderful thing to witness healing in people’s lives and our world when we speak to it with such gentle loving kindness.  Again, sometimes I really wish I had a camera to capture all the amazing moments or victories that have taken place thanks to prayer, healing thoughts/intentions and speech.  And all the glory goes to God, our Heavenly Father.  So, speak beauty and you will be amazed at what transpires. 😊

7.  Meditate.  Visualize the world being covered in divine white light, in God’s pure and perfect love and protection.  Pray for peace, healing and this divine love in the spiritual realms.  Ask God and Jesus for healing in all ways, to reveal the truth and remove the darkness.  Take time for walks and mindfulness practices.

8.  Take care of yourselves.  Take time to be gentle with yourselves, listen to your body’s needs and feed your mind/body/spirit with positive, healthy things.  Spend time in nature.  Take a walk.  Love yourself.  Love the people around you. Get sunshine.🌞

9. Go organic.  Get off the corporate hamster wheel.  Get outside, do something with your hands, take care of the planet.  Pick up trash.  Plant your garden.  Make sure your neighbor is taken care of.  Support local businesses that are all about making the world and people better.  Vote with your dollar.

10.  NEVER let ANY evil or darkness into your mind or life.  These entities are parasites.  They want to use us for energy.  When we give power to any evil or negativity of any kind, we let the devil (Satan) and this kind of junk in. In my case, I was tricked into it.  And this is why it’s important to be discerning.  When we “abide in the vine”, it means we are living clean lifestyles and being loving and having total faith in God.  I learned this the hard way.  Can it be done in today’s society? Yes.  Will it be difficult? It’s only as hard as you make it out to be and how much effort you put in to clean up your life.  Do we need to change how society does things to maintain such a state?  Yes.  Can we do it? Yes.  So… let’s get to work. 😊

I love you all.  Do not be afraid.  If you are experiencing something similar, just remember that you are totally loved and you are not alone.  You have support all around you!   Be courageous, you can endure this and remember God has us.  We are His children and He is the only God, and He will always be on the throne.

Wishing you all Godly blessings, peace, health, abundance and love,



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Spiritual Battles -Mental Illness is an Illusion

Mental illness has been a hot topic of discussion lately for many.  Unfortunately, the stigma surrounding it has not made things easier, but the hope is that people will open up to discussing the truth regarding mental illness and the issues/complications that follow.  The more knowledge we have, alongside of being completely honest about our experiences, the easier it will be to find a resolution to this issue and heal from it.  But we must be willing to be accepting of all perspectives and experiences in order to deal with it in a holistic manner. Since this spiritual battle began, the confirmations that there is more to this world than meets the eye, have increased tremendously.  Too many things have happened for me to ignore them.  And the consequences of ignoring them will be detrimental if we all become ignorant to the truth!

With that said, I’d like to share my story concerning recent experiences I’ve had with an individual I care about.  Without going into too much detail, it has been confirmed that he is schizophrenic.  On several occasions we have had discussions regarding likes/dislikes or experiences, and so on.  There have been several moments when he has made a statement or asked me a question concerning things that no other person knows about…  like certain kinds of candy that I had purchased that he wasn’t aware of.  Thus, I have concluded, that people diagnosed with schizophrenia (or any “mental illness”) are really just talking to beings from “beyond the veil”, including the deceased.  They deserve our love and our teachings to come back to love.  All people do, really.

Example:  Yesterday, this person asked me if I had been to a certain restaurant recently.  I knew that there was no way he could have known about it unless someone in the astral “gang” that’s been harassing me, had told him…or if it had been a spirit or his telepathy/intuition.  On a near daily basis he has been doing this for months now, but this particular instance caught me off guard because he has never made mention of the restaurant and as far as I know he had not even seen it before. 

The night before, I had gone to the restaurant and knew that the astral “gang” that’s been placing spells and implants over me were trying to force the spell again (I keep breaking it but, I saw in spirit that they were taking the CDs/DVDs out of a baggie to create yet another spell. All the band stuff I had bought I was forced to send to them a year ago to their record company- addressed to umusic and Tom).  They keep trying to force me to eat bad food so that the black spiritual “garbage” and the “shits” will stay in my body, brain and spirit. Apparently, the garbage operates best off of chemicals, which is yet just another reason why our entire world needs to go organic and clean up all the chemicals from our crops. (On a side note, when I get sunshine, or eat clean or even fast, or exercise and work out all issues by journaling or talking- the junk goes away and their ability to control me or even get around me diminishes.   This has been my saving grace).  They turn on the heat with psychic attacks to force fear of getting out of it and to force my (or anyone’s hand) to consume things that we don’t need or is harmful to us, just so they can maintain their false sense of power.  This is how the spirit gets corrupted and how we lose our salt and own sense of power- when we fully give in to the fear and do things that go against the holy spirit that resides within us all.  It is a fight… but one worth fighting for! I’m beginning to think this is what Jesus went through on some level… and we owe it to our planet and future generations to follow his path, like he asked so that we can find peace again.

Anyway, this just confirmed to me that all schizophrenia is, is demons or beings that are controlling, manipulating or remote influencing (by astral projection) that individual.  Mental illness is not “real”, it is an illusion-  a creation by very evil spirits/people and their alliance with the Satanic spirit world.  There is a lot of created hype surrounding mental illness these days- mostly due to all the mass killings and behavioral issues in general.  All this hype was created so that people would not only believe it, but give in to the lie that leads to dependency on a system that is created to hurt and destroy us.  When the truth is, we are perfectly capable as independent and sovereign  beings to live an amazing, abundant and peaceful life!  The truth is: we are all perfect and perfectly made by God!  And the other truth is: the majority of our problems stem from a problem in the spirit world that has been ongoing for thousands of years, and people’s lack of willpower to not give in to the B.S.  It can be overcome with God’s power and pure love, changing our ways and our willingness to serve and love one another as he asked. 

I am aware that a lot of demonic activity has been taking place lately.  And a lot of people had been forced into practicing black magic, or are entertaining that road.  I urge you to reconsider and think about what you are doing and how much it’s not only affecting you, but so many others around you, and even future generations.   Please be mindful of your actions, your intentions, your speech and your thoughts.  If you’re going to actively use it, use it for good!

On a side note, not long after Prince passed away, his spirit came to me.  He didn’t say anything to me, but he was decked out in purple even in spirit, and just stood and looked at me for about 10 minutes. I could not tell if it was the real Prince, or one of the astral gang using his spirit to confuse me.  That is how bad this is… these humans are using other people’s spirits to masquerade and cause deceit.  Please be careful.  Ritual abuse is not okay and if you find anyone doing it, please either try to talk them out of it or turn them in!  These individuals are the ones killing people and causing mass murders or problems in society.  They are like wolves in sheepskin- in my case they are “seemingly nice” celebrities. And it’s not ok.  It has to be stopped. When we collectively choose to stay on the righteous path and be honest, and not harm anyone or anything, we will know peace.  It may be challenging, but simply asking God for guidance and protection will lead you in the right direction.

I love you all and I wish you all many blessings of peace and love in your life!!

Lotsa love,

P.S. Here is a result from a recent healing session with a shaman.  For obvious reasons, I’m not including the entire document, but you can see the before and after soul retrieval that they did for me recently.  This is just the tip of the iceberg as to what this astral gang had been doing to me, and it is proof that it’s been occurring.  In the before photo, you can see the damage done by the “shits” in the breaks in color, whereas the after photo shows no breaks but a complete circle of color.  I actually felt better in the moments after she did this, and then within minutes the astral gang attacked me again.  I’m looking forward to the day when they can’t attack me and I will be at peace and alive on this earth!  I know God will bring me through it.  He’s gotten me this far! 😊 And we will succeed.  There is no question that we have the power to overcome this because we are God’s children and love and truth prevails all the time.


“For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” -Ephesians 6:12

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