Spiritual Battles with Deceptions

I fell asleep on my couch again last night. I don’t like sleeping on my couch but the perps have been abusing the fact that I have been after their 24 hour long harassment and a day at work. They’ve been using it to plant their implants, hit me with DEWs and to “see” what’s upcoming so as to try to control, manipulate or thwart me. Tonight was another one of those nights.

Earlier during the day, they had harassed me about a bracelet my neighbor gave me, and that I’ve been wearing to work as a reminder of Him. They kept yelling at me to destroy it, claiming it was keeping me bound (because all of a sudden it was a problem where it never was before). They know it carries meaning because of that, and they’ve tried to make me believe that the charm is tied to a part of my being (they’ve been doing this for the past 2 years). I know that there is no material item thats tied to any part of me, though they have used technology and black magic to try to make me think that subconsciously and tried to make idolatry an issue in my life, where it wasn’t occurring before.

So because I wouldnt throw away the bracelet right away (because I caught that they were even trying to use that to indicate I was throwing that part of myself away when I refused to do such a thing), then it became a game of trying to force economical ruin and material consumption all in one go: just by going to the store to get another bracelet. I knew where this was going, so I had already made up my mind that I would just wear a bracelet I had at home instead. I went to the store anyway (by the way, I caught that even that trip to the store was pre-programmed anyway, along with saying certain words that led to that incident). And while at the store, all I did was look to see what they had and had a few moments of inspiration. I didn’t find what I wanted and didn’t buy anything: this ruled out idolatry, economical ruin, gluttony and unnecessary material consumption (all of which they’ve been trying to bind me with). But I guess that didn’t count for them or the “Satan” these people keep working for.

I went home and proceeded to do the right thing by brainstorming how to budget my expenses better, then went job searching to end the problem of poverty. Both of which they made a huge fuss about, simply because it goes against their plan of destruction and their inability to control me beyond what they’ve programmed. I felt empowered knowing I was making a good decision and doing so with integrity instead of resorting to any of the “suggestions” they keep trying to implant in my mind.

So, I fell asleep on the couch. At a little after 4 AM (3 AM and 4 AM are their “commune” hours), I woke up to a dream where they were trying to make me think I was Spiderman and that Satan was sitting on my stomach. They first made me say something to Spiderman that turned his face dark and I realized I was saying it to my lower self. I immediately retracted my statement after I realized what had happened and moved the “Satan” off my stomach. I think that the “Satan” was either my ego or a parasite, I’m still trying to figure that out. Earlier in the week they tried to mess with some old images they had implanted long ago to try to make me think that Satan was my ego, or a part of self, to create self-hatred. For the record, I know Satan is not my ego and I don’t hate myself. But self-hatred to them means you hate God, thus is why it’s so important to have love for self and others. If Gods spirit lives within us, and we are all Gods children, it only makes sense that we all love one another. And Satan hates that, and he’s taught his “army” to do the same. Problem is, they are just as deceived in this matrix of lies and backwardness.

Anyway, between what I said and remembering that I had the cross, the sword of the spirit and Jesus on my side, I knew I was OK. Thanks to Jesus and God, I was able to save my lower self from turning “dark” because I recognized the lie in my dream (it was lucid- they like messing with lucid dreams because that’s where they create the problems). Lately, they’ve even been trying to make “God” and the spirit of truth a bind or spell so that I seem like I’m giving in to Satan, when I’m not. I’m fully aware of their deceptions and distortions of the truth, and all the blasphemous things they’ve done. And if you heard half of it, it’s pretty awful! I want to take them and wash their mouths out with soap with all the ridiculousness I hear them say.

That said, I can understand how some people become so dark and wind up going down a road of lies and deception that is led by Satan and this “mind-control”. That’s why I keep rejecting and resisting it, and it just makes them mad because I refuse to give in.

This dream reminded me of the countless stories of military members that had woken up with “demons” on them or in their dreams, in the past. And it’s sad to say, but it made me realize how much of our military is mind-controlled by this matrix and the implants: because our military is fueled by anger, hatred and the need for control. It doesn’t need to be. But then, the military would operate very differently if it was love-based and operated on defense only (for protection) instead of offensively for the purpose of gain.

All that said, the only reason why I’m being attacked like this is because of their agenda to keep me oppressed, living in fear and under someone else’s control and to keep me from breaking free of their trap. I KNOW and have already experienced, Gods sovereignity and peace. And I know that I don’t have to be subjected to any kind of manipulation, spiritual or physical. I know what it’s like to walk in the Holy Spirit, and I can see right through all these perps and entities’ lies and tactics. What’s even more ironic is that I lived in a similar situation when I experienced the Holy Spirit, and didnt have so much push back. I’m aware that the only reason why there is so much conflict now is because I’m sandwiched between women that are practicing black magic and using direct energy weapons and metaphysical/electronic technology to force these “experiences”, along with several (I’ve named them in previous blogs) and countless others that are doing the same. And that’s the only reason why I’m all of a sudden having a “battle with Satan”. (Big Hint:) If I wasnt following their program, and not giving in to any of their lies, but instead choosing to follow the Holy Spirit and the truth as told by Jesus, I would be fine. And that basically means not giving in to fear or hatred, but choosing love instead. It means being able to know the difference between the truth and when someone is manipulating or distorting perception of consciousness. When you experience the Holy Spirit and have walked in purity with Him, it’s easier to see all the lies that have been created or even that others try to project onto you. It’s easier to even feel when someone is trying to use your minds eye or a mind control spirit to manipulate you or “see”, or try to force your decisions/actions. And I’m fully aware that my neighbors have been using those tactics to not just lead to destruction or discredit but even to provoke conflict with them (even when I don’t want any) or even a potential fatality, alongside of trying to make me the culprit. Truth is, these witches and warlocks are behind a lot of our problems today. And it’s fueled by hatred, anger, inferiority complexes and a need to be in control. Truth is: God is always in control and they never will be!

(Another Big Hint:) Their whole goal is to keep you living a lie, thinking you need to hang on to that lie, keep you living in wickedness (anger, hatred, bitterness, greed, etc.; anything that is lower dimensional and ego-based) to keep you under control. When you are operating from spirit or love-based, and remain peaceful, it scares them because they no longer have control over you- and it lets everyone know who God REALLY is and exposes all their lies. When you operate from love, you dont feel the need to give in to any kind of sin, and they can’t punish you for anything. Love is our true nature, not sin. So don’t give in to the hate! Choose love.

More than anything I pray that these “armies” come back to God, that they choose to heal and love themselves as much as God loves them. I hope they choose to stop spiritually attacking and trying to oppress people for the purpose of stroking ego or gain. We don’t have to manipulate to get what we want or need, we just have to trust God and operate from love. We always have what we need, at any moment! I hope they finally choose to follow the Holy Spirit and that they have peace within themselves. I hope God finally turns their hearts toward Him and they remember who they really are.

I love all of you, I love life and I wish freedom for everyone. When we all choose love and to be fully present and centered, we can be free right now! Believe it! Believe God, believe Jesus!

Em πŸ˜ŠπŸ’—

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No matter what your circumstance, it is always important to be kind to people.  Yes, it can be difficult at times, but it should always be a priority.  It’s important not to condone or participate in negativity, but it is important to acknowledge it, expose it and handle it in the most loving of ways.  Obviously, this needs to be done in a way that is tactful and respectful of the people involved in the situation.  

It is absolutely OK to call people out on what they’ve been doing.  Never let anyone make you think otherwise!  Don’t feel bad for telling the truth, even if it means exposing some pretty awful stuff!  The more that we talk about what’s been happening, the easier it is to create positive solutions.  The more we choose to have communication even with those that have been hurtful, the better off we are at coming to an understanding of one another, thus leading to compassion.  And if we have compassion, we can have mercy for one another.  If we have mercy with each other, we can stop violence and have peace.  If we have peace and love with one another, evil can’t have any power over us!

When people are hurtful, they are usually acting out of fear.  Being hurtful in any way is a manifestation of fear and base emotions of the lower self.  I’m not saying that it’s not OK to feel angry, upset, etc.  It is perfectly OK to feel emotions of any kind, but it’s important to understand where those emotions are coming from and the reason for them, in order to deal with any situation or even to heal.  Its NOT OK to repress emotions: repression can lead to all kinds of problems with self and within society.  It is important to express emotions, but when you master your emotions, you learn how to best express them and at times that are most appropriate.  It is absolutely OK to feel emotions!  Knowing how best to act on those emotions is important.

While enduring so much craziness over the past two years, I’ve realized just how much we have all repressed, including the individuals attacking me.  I’ve even realized I’ve been repressing things I wasn’t even fully aware of!  Healing these emotions has NOT been easy, but it’s been necessary.  But when we all choose to heal, there is less room for hurting one another!  

In my case, I’ve been dealing with issues of inferiority vs. superiority, ego vs. humility, wants vs. needs, and the conflict of outside approval versus self-approval and self-sufficiency.  It’s essentially the argument between good vs. evil.  The truth: its all needed to create balance and harmony.  But when they are at extreme polar opposites, that’s when things get extra crazy and even a little scary.  When we choose to acknowledge, accept and appreciate the natural dark and light within ourselves, we truly become balanced, more compassionate and loving!  It’s when we are in constant denial of the “other” that creates such a conflict, and we have seen this manifest even in the physical.  I’ve realized that while this has been true for myself, this is especially true for those that have been attacking me. There’s a general denial of all the fears and junk that has kept them “oppressed”, and when they acknowledge what the problem(s) is, they too, can be free!  Instead of them projecting so much junk onto me or anyone (which I’ve realized is mostly about them), they should be dealing with their stuff.  Instead of giving in to whatever they were taught or told to believe, it’s important to question those beliefs and not give in to the status quo.  Get in touch with who you are to better understand what you truly need and want!

Look at it this way:  when you deal with any kind of negative or “stuck” emotion or problem, you make room for positivity.   You are pulling down “strongholds” when you deal with the junk, be it emotionally, spiritually and physically. Spiritually speaking, you dislodge any negative energy that has accumulated, thus removing any tags, implants, binds, etc. and this allows light to come in and heal the spiritual body so that you become closer and eventually one with truth and love, which happens to be outside of the “matrix”.  The matrix is full of a lot of things that are lies, including perceptions, fear, depression, and anything that may keep you down (i.e., greed and ego).  None of these things can exist within the Holy Spirit: It’s simply pure love!  Hence why the calling on the Holy Spirit or acting from love “frees” us!

Doing this opens up so much room to move forward, to feel better, to do better, etc., because you are freeing up parts of your soul that was bound.  When you don’t deal with any issue in your life or you remain in denial about it, you remain bound or “stuck”.  This usually means you remain stuck in a curse or the spell, the matrix and essentially “fear” mode.  This becomes a vicious cycle if you continuously ignore the problem because it leads to other base emotions and eventually hurt: both towards self and others.  And if you apply this concept to our current society, you can see just how much has been repressed over so many eons and how it’s manifested in the ugliest of ways.  You begin to see all the different ways people have become bound to “fear”, and simply because they ignored a problem, or even an emotion!  

So, acknowledge and deal with your problems!  When you do this, you free yourself because you are showing yourself love.  When you free yourself, you free other people!  Our biggest problem is in giving up control of ourselves in a multitude of ways, to other people, institutions and even other entities.  When we remain self-sufficient and personally accountable for ALL of ourselves and our stuff, then we can know true freedom!  When we live from the present and from love, we are living free.  Yes, it is possible to be free spiritually, emotionally, physically and in all ways, in this moment!  This is what God wanted- for us to know sovereignity.  It’s why He gave us Jesus!! 😊

I love all of you and I want the best for all of you.  I want everyone to be free and happy, so does God and His promises tell us that we will get there! Follow Him, follow Jesus and keep going!


Em 😊❀

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Tips for Dealing With Spiritual, Electronic and Gangstalking Attacks

I’ve tweeted A LOT about these issues and realize that it would be best to have these tips in a place where they can be seen and not a blip on a feed.  This is just a summation of what I’ve been through and some tips on how to handle such attacks so you can survive and thrive instead of living in fear.  You never have any reason to be afraid of anything!! Just remember this!

These tips apply to all of these kinds of attacks, whether spiritual, Electronic, gangstalking or otherwise.  There are tons of tactics that may be used against you, but there are certain things that can be done and used that will always keep you safe and protected, no matter what!!

1.  Stay centered.  You might get distracted but remember that you ALWAYS have control over yourself.  That means that if you find yourself being pulled off track or into a thought process you don’t want, you can always choose to redirect your thought process back to center, or back to a positive attitude.  If you find yourself in a negative situation, try to find a quiet space where you can breathe and just relax yourself back to center.  Remove and reduce as much stress from your life as possible!

2.  Exercise and Deep Breathing:  This will always remove negative energy from you and free up your power so that you can use it in positive ways and not waste it on negative or petty dramas.  The more oxygen and endorphins you have, the better your mind and body operate, thus the easier it is to deal with any issue that may be presented.  Walking can do so much to keep you centered and your mind free!

3.  Eating balanced meals:  I’ve said this so many times in the past, but even during these spiritual attacks, I’ve noticed a HUGE difference and gotten confirmation when I eat healthy versus when I eat junk or fast food.  It’s easier to handle difficult or stressful situations when you eat healthy and treat your body right.  When you eat unhealthy foods, you put yourself in situations that may even be perceived as more stressful and can create additional problems for you and people around you. So, choose to do right for all involved and  eat healthy!

4.  Discernment:  Use an outside point of reference to check yourself before you make any decisions or make assumptions in the heat of the moment.  Choose to pause before acting and think before you speak.  Stay peaceful no matter what you encounter and the truth about a person or situation will be revealed!  Ask for God and the Holy Spirit to reveal the truth about any spirit, entity or situation!  If you are dealing with people directly that have attempted to attack you in any way (i.e. perps, neighbors, coworkers, etc.) use discernment, but remember that these people are still asleep.  Pray for them and use positive affirmations to help them turn away from any illegal activities.  It’s ok to be honest about you really feel and express your feelings in a civilized and respectful manner and at appropriate times.  Love doesn’t mean being ignorant, but instead chooses to acknowledge the problems and heal them.  So, be loving!

5.  Salt, Water and Oxygen:  Stay salty!! Salt can be used in a variety of ways to cleanse your person via bathing, to cleanse an area and create negative ions to reduce negative energy and uplift a space.  Staying hydrated will also reduce negative energy and create more positive energy and space for light to shine!  This even goes back to eating plant or water based foods that keep you hydrated.  Oxygen has components that can clear up the negative energy in a space and I’ve even felt these implants leave just by being near a fan or outside!  Open your windows and clear out the stuck energies in your home!

6.  Gods Word:  While I love the bible, I have become aware that it is being used in inappropriate ways to control humanity in ways that are blasphemous to God and the Holy Spirit.  Be aware of how it is used, but be so grounded in Gods Word (LOVE) and His presence that you keep your belief and faith in Him and Jesus.  They use the bible against you to condemn and keep you bound in unbelief, so remind yourself that God forgave ALL sins with Jesus and He loves us anyway!! God is ALL powerful!

7.  Dance, Smile, Live with Purpose and Love:  Do what God asks of you and use your gifts to the best of your abilities to make life better for yourself and everyone.  Have dance parties.  Smile and laugh, at anyone and anything!  Keep loving the people around you and especially those that have been supportive of you.  Keep loving and uniting with people.  Gods love and power will always shine through no matter what!  The more positive energy and thoughts you create and use to uplift people, the better off you are!  Don’t hang on to negative energy: either send it away or use it to transform your situation into a positive one by facing it head on and healing it.  Ask what it is trying to teach you and ask what you can do to heal it for the better of all!

8.  Protect yourself:  It’s absolutely OK to defend yourself spiritually, emotionally/mentally and physically.  Don’t ever let anyone make you think that you can’t do something about your situation,  even if it means turning people in for crimes they’ve committed, especially against other people.  Ask the Holy Spirit for help and remember that Gods spirit, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are always with you!! And they will ALWAYS protect you from anything evil: implants, spells, demonic or negative intentions especially from other people can NEVER last or exist in the Holy Spirit or in you, especially if you don’t allow them to!  Take back your mind and your power!

9.  Resistance:  You can change if you want to, but you don’t have to!  Listen to the Holy Spirit if you feel positive change is needed in your life or person. It will not berate or be condescending towards you, it is a very small and kind voice that will gently nudge you in the right direction.  Don’t feel like you have to live in fear or change everything just because they want you to!  Don’t allow them to put you in stressful situations where they might try to push you to take actions that are not reasonable or realistic.  This goes back to discernment and using the pause button: don’t sell yourself out or take risks that may cause you more harm than necessary. Don’t give in to the mindsets “they” want you to have: choose your own and choose to be loving!  Your higher self will always know the best course of action to take and will keep their demonic junk away from you!  If you feel they are pushing you to get rid of material items, your house or anything that is of value, pause first before acting on it.  You may find it was just an attempt to use a material item against you as part of their spell or to put you in an unnecessary position.  Don’t be so attached to material items that they try to use it against you, but at the same time, don’t give them any power to use your belongings against you.  We all need SOME stuff for living and blessing ourselves and others.  God gave us abundance, just don’t let your possessions possess you or keep you bound in fear!    

10.  Focus:  Stay centered, stay focused on God and the present, and His will of peace!  Don’t let them play with your focus or try to take you off the path with pettiness or distractions.  Stay focused on love and the goal of total peace and sovereignity!  They may even try to make you think of outcomes or things that they want to make happen.  Don’t give in and redirect your mind back to Gods goal of love and a peaceful and free world!  Remind yourself that it’s YOUR life and mind, NOT theirs!  Choose outside points of focus to bring yourself back to center to remain peaceful and operating from love.

11.  Rest and Develop your spiritual strength:  These V2K and other electronic implants can only exist in your metaphysical body when you engage in negative thoughts or allow their demonic junk to enter in.  This means the shocks and mind games, or distortions of perception can’t exist when you are so full of love and light- the implants can’t exist in a space of positive and Holy energy! This is why God says to not give space to evil.  Jesus was able to “walk on water” because He had learned to keep all negative energy outside of Him- He was so full of the Holy Spirit and positive energy that nothing evil could enter!  These implants will come out and even “pop” out when you cleanse your spirit with the Holy Spirit and choose to honor the Holy needs of your soul and spirit, even with a single positive thought!  We are always trying to come back to love, so we should honor that instead of doing or thinking things that take away from love! If you focus hard enough and remind yourself of your strength in Christ, you can even find yourself removing the halos, the ear implants and even the spells if you focus on doing so and allowing Gods power to work through you!  One of our weapons is to rest in the Lord and they don’t like it when you rest and relax.  They want to keep you stressed and in fear to control you, so do the opposite!  You were not made with a spirit of fear, but with a spirit of power, love and a sound mind.

12.  Positive, Loving Energy and the Holy Spirit:  I’ve gotten to the point where I can see other people’s tentacles, their intentions on material items or the implants they try to force on people and even the energy that comes out of the DEWs my neighbor aims through the walls, or whatever satellite/laser is aimed at my home, including the hacking of computers and cell phones to use Bluetooth and spy software.  I’ve also noticed that despite these programs, and even by accident, I’ve realized that this energy can be defeated simply by not allowing or giving in to it.  And, the more positive energy you create in your space- by praying, meditation, cleaning, calling the Holy Spirit to be present, etc.- the less these programs have any hold on you and they can’t hold in a space that is so full of positive energy!  This may mean getting rid of some electronics or even turning them off or unplugging appliances so there is less conduction for negative energy to use.  Going outside and tuning in with nature daily will assist in grounding and maintaining and boosting positive energy while removing all the negative energy.

You can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens you!  And no weapon formed against you shall prosper! Just remember this.  We can help our world and nations to get back to peace and honoring God and humanity by maintaining a positive mindset that things can change for the better and projecting a sovereign and loving community that is consciously awake and aware of their power and capabilities.  We have the power to teach people to use their gifts responsibly and respectfully.  We have the power to overcome all evil!  We just have to create a world that honors God and who He created us to be!  Maintain a mindset that you are protected by God no matter what and you will be victorious despite anything that comes against you!

May God bless you.  I love you all!



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Spiritual Battles (The Truth)

Please pardon the brashness of this post.  I had to get this out to all of you so you can understand what exactly is going on and how to avoid the deception that is underfoot, yet again.  

I’ll preface this posting by stating that Satan wants you to think that consumption, submission and greed are Godly, when it really isnt.  That said,  God is a SOVEREIGN God and while He will always provide for you, and the truth is always there, we are living in a fallen world.  We dishonor God’s spirit when we get so caught up in the destructive path of greed, needing “things”, pushing away people and creating wars and division.  It is not Godly to be at war with yourself or your neighbor.  This coming from an imperfect human being sharing the truth of what I witnessed with my walk with God.

The following is an interaction that took place on Facebook.  It gives the gist of what I’m trying to say, even in all my tweets and blog posts.  I hope that you can glean from this message and turn back to God and His love.  Seek Him first in all things, and He will reveal what you are looking for.  The Holy spirit will kindly nudge you along the right path and guide you to make decisions that honor Him and your spirit.  Ultimately, both will lead you to divine love and love for all people.  (And in my case, anger towards the craziness and evil that has taken such a stronghold over our world.)  But, faith without works is not true faith in God… which is why we must choose to act with complete love and from the Holy Spirit. And if we ALL choose to turn around and love one another and make positive, Godly changes that honor all, then we will win this game.  That change must start within.

All of that said, here is the Facebook posting:

Please be informed.  This is why, we must act with love and kindness always!


MINI SERMON – As there will be an Anti-Christ…then there will certainly be Anti-Christians. We are seeing it more clearly manifest itself today. There are those among you who are on assignment to kill your joy…steal your soul…and destroy your worship. There is no love in them…no worship in them…no Christ in them. They have a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof by their hidden agenda. 

They twist the Word of Truth with ignorant interpretation…appearing wise…but are foolishly evil. They are not followers of the true and living God. They are not Believers in the Body of Christ. They love no one…and they walk in their fleshly puffed up self-proclaimed phony knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. Most Pastors are ill-equipped to address these Anti-Christians because they themselves are caught up in their own fleshly web of deception. 

YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter has given them a limited and wayward audience…because no one who has faithfully and truly come to the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ will listen to them nor have them speaking into their ears. From such Anti-Christians turn away…lest they lead you astray…destroy your family…rob you of your faith…and your end will be the same as theirs.


My response:

Be careful about how you choose to believe and interpret this.  While I understand it’s written in the bible, I’m also experiencing this from a different angle.  The powers that be want you to be deceived so they can control you, force your submission (even to the NWO) and continue to corrupt and control this earth for generations to come, until it is destroyed.  They don’t want you to be united with your fellow Christian, brother, neighbor. I’m finding that this passage was written with the intent to divide those that ARE of God, but are being attacked and made to be perceived as evil… from those that are confused and still have not seen the true glory of God, let alone experience it. Listen and focus on what God and Jesus said: to love one another.  Be discerning, yes, but when you are full of the holy spirit, nothing can steal your joy, or anything else, unless you allow it.  I have been fighting this attack for 2 years now and they are doing everything they can to discredit me and make me seem like an awful person, but that isn’t the truth.  The truth is: there is a huge delusion underfoot and a lot of people are still spiritually blinded or even cursed to the point that they can’t see the truth… so they are blindly following the masses or requests for division.  This will only hurt us, individually and collectively.  We must choose to love people even when they are really hurting and doing things they shouldnt.  Otherwise, if the house is divided, the house falls.  So please… I’m aware that this has become a popular scripture lately, but be INFORMED before you act.  Always ask: “What would Jesus do?”  He loved His enemies anyway.  He had compassion for them because He could see just how cursed, spiritually blinded they were.  Unfortunately, I’ve had the opportunity to see this for myself.  Even those that are in power are spiritually blind and being controlled. 

 The TRUTH is that we are all loving beings and we ARE love.  We must choose to come back to God and honor that in ourselves.  We must love one another- that is our answer to the world’s problems!
Please don’t give in to the confusion.  And if you still feel like you don’t know which way to go, always pause first, pray to God for wisdom and guidance and know that He and the Holy Spirit will NEVER ask you to do anything destructive.  This I know for certain.  The Holy Spirit is VERY sensitive and must be treated with the utmost respect and love.  It is the spirit that makes you feel like a true, peaceful billionaire- because you are truly at peace with yourself and all things.  It lives within you and it’s where your greatest happiness comes from!  Just remember this.  

I wish you all many blessings and lots of love and protection at this time.  And I thank you for reading and listening, and turning back to God.  You are loved!! ❀



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Spiritual Battles (Realizations)

Today we discussed a scripture I want to share with you:

After we discussed this I realized several things.  That they tried to sear my consciousness, have tried to make me out to be a hypocrite  (and everyone I know has noticed something is wrong and off about me, they know it’s not like me- it isn’t me period!), have tried to pull apart my soul/spirit and have tried to force me to act in negative manners or be perceived negatively.  They even tried to force my hand into marriage with a programmer (possibly a warlock, whose best friend is a witch or a pharisee- I have yet to completely verify that, but I know their spirits are dark).  In the time that I dated the programmer, I couldn’t figure out why things were seemingly going downhill with him or why I started to feel more insecure than I ever have.  Let alone why I could feel binds being spoken over me, or that several times I felt he seemed to be in cahoots with the entities or coven by using NLP, guided imagery and psychic/verbal attacks.  He continues to astral project to me, spiritually rape me and pull parts of my spirit to him to him to be implanted or programmed.  One evening while I was driving his car I could feel him helping these entities place an implant/spell/bind over my senses (across the top of my head).  That was the final the red flag that made me realize this was not a normal relationship as I initially thought it was.  I thought God was bringing me to a Godly man… one whom I had a lot of respect for, until I realized who he really was and why he was brought into my life- just to serve as another destraction, to try to program me for destruction and to abuse the word of God so that he (and they) could continue perpetuating oppression, destruction and sacrificing innocent individuals to something very evil.  Those going through this tribulation with the mind control implants are being subjected to that- they intend for us to be tortured and possibly killed to give our energy to the evil beast/Satan that is trying to use us.  Again the whole point is to split and recycle souls and spirits so that we are dumbed down to the point of total submission to these entities, and they can continue feeding off our energy.  

We are here and awake at this time to stop this cycle, once and for all.  We must make the decision to love one another and help each other.

They will try to use spells to bind your spirit, your chakras, your mind and your pineal gland.  They use NLP and distorted imagery to confuse and torture you and keep you from the truth: God’s word and the light, Jesus and the Holy spirit.  They will use whatever technique- like astral projection and soul/spirit stealing to keep you from being completely grounded and continuing to act in fear or anger.  They will try to create spiritual blindness to keep you asleep and away from the truth, to deceive those around you and even yourself.  They use these metaphysical implants to distort telepathy and even create lies in consciousness (by talking through you to deceive others and maintain the negative energy that is used to control and oppress people).  They use negative thought processes  (I saw it as a black Circle over my head), the words you speak, your interactions and the tiniest things as doorways to enter in.  And they will play head games to get you to consciously and subconsciously believe a lie.  The more negative the better.  On top of that, they will try to change your mental programming.  You have the power, through Christ, to rebuke all of it.  This is why many now say it’s so important to keep your thoughts, words and actions so clean and uplifting.  These entities can’t enter into a place that is full of love and holy light, especially a space that is fully committed to Jesus and God. And when your mind is focused on all things good, Satan can’t play with it.  

It’s a very complicated and convoluted mess.  And that’s the whole point: to create confusion, deception, force the sin nature and force submission by fear or hatred.

That’s why those that have come before us have said not to fear or give into hatred.  It’s also important not to demonize those that are trying to spread the good news and love to everyone.  These people bring balance to the world and keep us from spinning into complete chaos.  This is also why it’s so important to love one another.

Yes, our world is out of balance right now.  That’s why there are many people working so hard to spread the love.  We all need to help each other and make a conscientious effort to plant seeds of love into our world and consciousness.  

The more we deliberately hurt each other, even spiritually, then we will continue to allow this cycle of destruction thats been going on for thousands of years.  Our world can’t take it anymore.  We have GOT to make sure that everything we do going forward is of divine love, towards everything.  They can’t maintain any kind of control when everyone rejects their attempts to control and when we keep focused on love and on God.

Please be discerning.  Don’t allow yourselves to be deceived, even by the people you care about.  Don’t give in to the fear or anger.  Remember who you are and continue to act and speak in love towards everyone.  Yes, it’s been extra difficult for me to do, so please forgive me.  My intentions are pure: I do want the best for everyone and I’m doing all I can to help.  Things will get better, God promised this!!

I love you all and wish you many blessings,



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Spiritual Awareness (Soundbites)

A quick realization that came to mind today whilst in the midst of trying to understand this spiritual battle I’m dealing with.  It was spurred on by a nugget of discernment that I felt inclined to question.  Please forgive me and the brash posting, I really just needed to get this out to you all.

They try to corrupt the right eye so they can use it to see out of your pineal gland, which they put a spell on (and an implant in).  The implants control you to respond to the program they set for you so that you respond “correctly” to the program (your immediate surroundings).  They use those that are closest to God to do this…. because they want God’s power and to be able to control every interaction.  They attempt to plant seeds of destruction and corruption, using thought processes and projection.  Truth is… they are not and will never be that powerful.  They can never kill love or the holy spirit, because it comes from God… and He was the one that created this earth and created us.  Those with the “best qualities” are tortured to be used to usher in a new world where they can continue to corrupt humanity, because all they want to do is control and kill humanity, and feed off the energy.  These implants are used to harvest that energy so they can grow stronger.  We can starve this beast by not giving any of our energy or thoughts to ANY negativity.  Dont respond to anger and dont respond IN anger- act with love and kindness.  They will do anything they can to deceive so they can get their way.  As long as we all rebuke and reject every attempt by Satan, and continue to focus on raising our vibrations to God’s perfect love, we will remain free and be freed permanently.  Keep loving, keep choosing life.  Choose Jesus- He conquered all of this.  Follow Him, follow the light and we will all be ok. 😊 Stay focused!! We are going to make it!
To those of you going through this, please be mindful of ALL your thoughts and interactions.  Keep your thoughts and actions at the highest level of love.  Keep spreading love and thinking kind thoughts towards everyone and everything, including yourself.   Be discerning, be kind and remember your power that is God given.

This life is a GIFT.  Live it like it’s the best thing since sliced bread. 😊

I love you all and I wish you many blessings, always,



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Spiritual Battles, How to Heal (Part 3)

Since my last post, I’ve noticed more spiritual activity and had more revelations that I feel the need to share.  I share these things because I think it’s important to understand what’s going on behind the scenes so we can make necessary changes to heal ourselves and our world.  Though, even though I’ve been given these gifts and blessings by God, I cannot take full credit for their purpose.  I’ve begun to realize that as much as I want things to go smoothly, God is always in control- and his timing and purpose are always perfect, even if we don’t understand it.  Though, He did give us sovereignity and the power to control ourselves, and this is something we should honor not just in ourselves, but in all beings.  At the same token, we have to honor Him and the Holy Spirit when it is trying to birth something wonderful in our lives (or in our world).  And not just honor that, but protect it.

I’ve come to a point where I have the capability to see and interact with other people’s demons and even their thoughts/energy.  I realize now that I always had that capability, but now I can actually SEE it in spirit.  I can see the faces of people that think of me or come into focus: their natural states, their spiritual states and even their “reptilian” states.  Beyond feeling it, I can see when you have a negative thought- or when you are projecting negativity (or positivity) onto me or another person.  I can see right through you when you lie…. sometimes I can hear your thoughts.

I can see the “land” spirits that were put in place in different areas (i.e., near a house or building, etc.).  I’ve even gotten to the point where I can see what appear to be the “lei” lines (spiritual grid) that are tethered to our planet.  I can see when the greys or dark forces are active… and even when they are trying to tether people together in an attempt to control their lives.  I’ve felt them trying to tether me to others in an attempt to control me and oppress me.  Or even the spiritual “sin” nature that they keep trying to infiltrate everyone with (including myself).  And I’m still trying to make sense of all of this.

We are sovereign beings by nature- that’s how God created us.  We are loving and pure by nature.  They want you to believe that you still need to be in bondage to the sin nature: truth is, you don’t.  Jesus paved the way and opened the gates of Heaven to give us a path to follow back to Him.  All we have to do is honor that by doing as He asked.  And His main request was that we love one another.

Beyond that, when you actually “see” in spirit how much negativity you are producing, it makes a huge difference.  Even though I’ve been under attack for nearly 2 years, I still make it a point to be as kind as possible.  It’s easier to tell the negativity to go away when it’s outside of you.  But when you let it in or allow it to reside within you, it’s harder to tell these entities and the negativity  to take a hike.  I know that I am still alive by the grace of God, truly.

I’ve seen them try to do ridiculous things, just to mess with mine or other people’s lives.  Like messing with fire alarms at a local church just for the shock and awe value (I kid you not).  I’ve watched them attempt to put implants in people while I was talking to them… and they dont care who they hurt.  I’ve heard them telepathically try to instill a lie between people (via thought and feeling), just to cause discord where there was no reason for any whatsoever.  I’ve watched them try to control other people I didn’t know… and all the while I’ve been doing my best to intercede by prayer.  I know one thing: I’ve managed to severely piss them off, which cracks me up, daily. πŸ˜†

Their objective is to steal, kill and destroy, and they do that by creating fear and deceit, first and foremost on a spiritual level, then physical.  Again, there are both people and evil spirits behind this.  But, if we recognize who we really are in God and use discernment and honor the fact that we really have nothing to fear, and God is more powerful, then we come back to the truth: God’s love.  And the fact that Christ is more powerful than all the darkness in the world.

And, I can testify that Jesus is real!  I’ve seen in spirit the love and freedom that people have when they proclaim His power and accept Him fully into their lives.  I’ve seen demons fly across the room when the Holy Spirit was present or just by the mention of Jesus’ name.  

So, what is another way we can heal our world?  Hold positive intentions about ourselves, our space, our people and the entire world.  Acknowledge your negative thoughts and challenge them: how can you turn them into a positive thought or thought process? When we exhibit divine love towards all things and proclaim Jesus name, wonderful things happen.  When we all choose to do this together on a regular basis, we will know His true peace. 

Someone I love immensely once said, “When we love each other intentionally, we are engaging in spiritual warfare”.  So what is our weapon?  To intentionally love one another through the Holy Spirit.  So please keep loving one another and honoring God first by honoring one another.
I love you all and I wish you all blessings and healing from the Most High God. And I thank you for being a part of this journey.



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